Your Own Darts Tournament In our Dart Hall --- with 9 boards --- can host your very own private tournament, set up just for your guests at your scheduled starting time. We will help you organize it (prizes? game version? rules?) and supply a tournament manager to keep it running smoothly. Make it even more fun: give away a trophy to the champ!


Host a Poker Tournament Yes! Poker — REAL poker (not the Casino Nite type) — is now legal in NYS venues. While it must be open to the public and free-to-play, you can still put your name on a Texas Hold 'Em tourney and schedule it for the night & time of your choice. You determine the Winning Prizes (cash +/or merch). Hint: get a conference Sponsor or Exhibitor to contribute to the prize pool. We can do all the heavy lifting here, including supplying the tables, cards and tourney manager. For pure beginners or seasoned pros; we have a format that is fun for all. We even offer lessons!


Music & Dancing

Add Live Music and Get 'Em Dancing! Bring a band – or let us help you get one — and put them up on the stage in our big Music Room. Enjoy our great sound system, lights and dance floor. A local, regional or national act can be part of your event. We can get them all. irsh bands are our specialty, of course. Make it a listening event or make it a full-blown dance party. We've hosted nine (at last count) Grammy winners over the years. Maybe the 10th one will be your chosen band?

Beer Sampling

Make It a Mini Beer Fest On any given night, we have 20-30 different beers on tap plus a wide variety in bottles. These will range from pouplar national brands to local and regional creaft favorites to the Irish mainstays (naturally). The hardest part is deciding wihcih one to order. Here's one solution: make it a Sampling event: multiple beers are offered up in small little glasses. We love beer here at The Parting Glass, and we love sharing our personal favorites. Treat your guests to a Beer Education!